Lost & Found

Find Lost Pets and Report Strays in Five Easy Ways

  1. Complete the Lost/Found Pet Form.
  2. Check for matches on the KHS Strays Album.
  3. Look on the Kokomo Humane Society Facebook page or Kokomo Scanner page for updates.
  4. Use the PetcoLove Lost App for microchipped animals.
  5. Call us at 765-452-6224 if you spot your fur person.

Kokomo Humane Society staff will not contact you if the animal does not have permanent identification. Bring your pet home faster with ID tags, microchips, and ownership documents. 

Wildlife Rescue Information

The Kokomo Humane Society cannot help with wildlife. Please call the Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center at 765-491-2351 or visit the website for more information. 

Stray Animal Policy

Is your pet missing? Find out if it’s in the KHS Shelter. 

We care for stray animals for five (5) days before placing them for adoption, transferring them to another facility, or moving them to an animal rescue. Unclaimed animals are handled according to general health, temperament, and sociability.

Call 765-452-6224 to bring your pet home.

Reclaim Fees

Pet owners must pay all reclaim fees before KHS can release animals. Fees may include pickup charges, impounding costs, boarding, vaccination, and microchipping. 

What to Bring
Please arrive with a photo ID, picture of you and your pet, vaccination records, or other identifying documents as proof of ownership. 

The PetcoLoveLost App Helps Lost Pets Find Their Way Home