Cat Cafe


Monday – Saturday: 9 am -5 pm
Sunday: Closed


Kokomo Cat Café
729 E. Hoffer St.
Kokomo, IN 46902


Phone: 765-416-5229


Visit the Cat Cafe at KHS

Café Access

Walk-ins Welcome!

Café Costs and Criteria

Enjoy the Kokomo Humane Society’s Cat Café in 3 Easy Steps

  • Check in at the Cat Café entrance before entering the cat colony. 
  • Read and acknowledge our rules.
  • Sign the waiver.

Relax and interact with our colony of 10-20 cuddly and curious kitties. Our Cat Café accommodates 6-10 guests.

$5.00/person per hour

FREE for kids under 10 years old (Kids must be 3 years old to enter the colony)

Cat Cafe Rules

NO outside kitties

NO loud noises

NO picking up the cats

NO chasing the cats

NO feeding human food to cats

Sanitize hands before & after visits

Kiddos Policy

One 18+ adult per two children under 12

No children under 3 years old

Children must be supervised at all times

BE GENTLE and expect cat-like behavior

BE RESPECTFUL of cats that don't want to interact

What We Offer

Events for Cat Lovers

Event Space

Follow the Cat Café on Facebook for more information.

“Paw-ty” with Us!

Did you know that you can host your birthday party, meeting, or family get together here at the Cafe! We have a meeting space that you can utilize, bring in extra food, and decorate for any special events!

 1 hour is $75

2 hours is $100

You can add on unlimited popcorn and cotton candy for $25 each!

During event the cafe is open to the public but you will have first priority in the cat colony. Contact us at 765.416.5229 or make your reservation online!



Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I book a party at the Cat Café?

A: There are 3 ways to book your reservation:

1.Simply give us a call at 765-416-5229 to schedule your event.

2.Schedule online.

3.Visit us in person and make arrangements with one of our staff members.

2. What is the cost of hosting a party at the Cat Café?

A: The cost for a 1-hour party is $75, and for a 2-hour party, it’s $100. Enhance your experience by adding popcorn and cotton candy for an additional $25 each.

3. What is included in my party package?

 A: You are responsible for bringing your own food, decorations, and non-alcoholic beverages. We provide the venue, (4) 5-foot tables, (3) square 2-foot tables, and a total of 22 chairs for your convenience. Enhance your experience by adding popcorn and cotton candy for an additional $25 each.

Feel free to drop by and explore our space!

4. What is the maximum capacity for a party?

A: Our venue comfortably accommodates 20 to 25 people, with a maximum capacity of 30 guests.

5. Is an early deposit required for booking?

A: While not mandatory, you can secure your booking with a 50% early deposit. We recommend paying with a card for a speedy refund process.

6. What is the cancellation policy?

A: We appreciate a minimum of 48 hours notice for party cancellations. This allows us to make necessary adjustments.

7. What is the party refund policy?

A: To expedite the refund process, we recommend paying with a card, this ensures a quicker return of your party deposit. If you choose to make your payment in cash, you have the option to receive your refund via a mailed check, or you can visit our location to receive an immediate refund in person.

Friends of the Cat Cafe

Interested in become friends of the Cat Cafe? Check out our membership information plus how to gain access to our cat cam below. For more information please give us a call at 765-416-5229 or email


1 Month Meowbership

  • 4 entrances to the Cat Colony
  • A 16 oz free glass mug
  • Free beverage when using free visits
  • Access to our cat cam


6 Months Meowbership

  • 12 Entrances to the cat colony with 1 guest
  • A 16 oz free glass mug
  • Free beverage when using free visits
  • Access to our cat cam


1 Year Meowbership

  • Unlimited Visits to the cat colony with 2 guests
  • Two free 16 oz glass mugs
  • Access to our cat cam
  • Free 2 hour party space rental!

Cat Cam Sign Up Step 1

Download the NOOIE APP

Cat Cam Sign Up Step 2

Create a free account with email and password

Cat Cam Sign Up Step 3

After successfully creating your account and preparing to purchase your Friends of the Cat Cafe membership, simply provide us with the email address associated with your account. Upon purchase completion, we will promptly invite you to access the live camera feed.

Cat Cam Sign Up Step 4

Upon acceptance of the invitation within the Nooie app, you will receive a notification confirming the camera’s sharing status. Subsequently, you’ll gain access to view the charming felines of the cat cafe during the specified hours: from 5 PM to 11 AM, Monday through Friday, and with special extended hours on Saturdays, also from 5 PM to 11 AM on Monday.

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to make friends with a fur person? 

We ask Kokomo Humane Society volunteers to commit at least four hours per month and be 16 years of age or older.

Submit a KHS Volunteer application to become an animal advocate.