Animal Care & Control

5Animal Care & Control serves Kokomo and Howard County. The ACC enforces city and county animal ordinances, including leash laws, public nuisances, and animal bites. They protect public health and safety while improving animal-owner reunification and stray survival.

Help us help them.

Stray Animal Help:

Monday – Friday between 8 am and 5 pm

Talk with us at (765) 452-6224 ext. 1. 

Emergencies ONLY: Monday – Friday After 5 pm & All Day Saturday & Sunday

Call us at (765) 452-6224 ext. 1. and you will be forwarded to the answering service. They will contact animal control for emergencies. ( An emergency consists of a dog bite, an aggressive dog, or an injured animal.)

Animal cruelty is a serious crime.

Animal cruelty laws protect animal health, safety, and well-being. The Kokomo Humane Society’s Cruelty Investigator evaluates reports, ensures corrective action, and can work with law enforcement to prosecute offenders. 

Contact the KHS Cruelty Investigator at 765-452-6224 if you witness or suspect cruelty to animals or pet neglect.

Read Kokomo City Ordinances: 

City of Kokomo Animal Ordinance
County Animal Ordinance

Wildlife Policy

The Kokomo Humane Society cannot remove wildlife from private property. Please reach out to a licensed wildlife removal company.

For orphaned or injured wildlife, contact the Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center at 765-491-2351 or refer to Indiana’s DNR Control Operators list below.

Stray Animal Policy

Is your pet at the Kokomo Humane Society? 

Call 765-452-6224 to find out. 

We keep stray pets for five (5) days before: 

  • Placing them for community adoption 
  • Transferring them to another facility 
  • Transporting them to an animal rescue facility  

 KHS shelter staff evaluates unclaimed animals to determine adoption suitability after five (5) business days. Animal adoption evaluations look at: 

  • General health
  • Temperament 
  • Sociability 

Reclaim Fees

Animal reclaim fees must be paid in full by the owner before KHS will release a stray pet. Charges may include: 

  • Pickup costs 
  • Impound expenses 
  • Boarding fees 
  • Animal vaccinations
  • Microchipping 

How to Reclaim Your Lost Pet at the Kokomo Humane Society 

Please arrive with the required Animal Reclaiming Fee and a picture of you with your pet to validate ownership. Also bring any veterinary documents, rabies vaccination records, or other proofs of pet parenthood.

Lost or Found a Pet?

Use the KHS Lost/Found Pet Form below to report it.

Browse our album featuring pictures of strays in Kokomo to check for matches.

Visit the Kokomo Scanner Facebook page for real-time lost pet updates.

Download the PetcoLoveLost App to activate your pet’s microchip.  

Call 765-452-6224 for questions or if you spot a familiar face. 

Kokomo Humane Society shelter staff will not contact you about animals without permanent identification. Use a pet ID tag or microchip to ensure your pet comes home fast.