Improving the lives of animals.
Preventing cruelty through education.
Uniting pets with families.


PaullaDear Volunteers,
The volunteer program is definitely an instrument to achieve these important and fundamental goals of our mission. Without the help of volunteers, the shelter wouldn't be as successful as it is. No matter what task volunteers carry out, their work here is essential. I count on your help to make the lives of all of our animals easier by donating your time, work, skills and talents. By donating a little bit of time you can make a homeless animal very happy! If you would like to volunteer, there are many tasks you can do. To get it started please complete the  Volunteer Application - Updated 2019.
  Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Kokomo Humane Society!

 Paulla Shook
 Volunteer Coordinator
 (765) 452-6224 ext. 4

2019 September Volunteers of the Month
´╗┐Congrats to Emma,Shane and Valerie´╗┐ !  Thank you both for all of your hard work & dedication to the animals!
emma and shane

Valerie oct2019

Steps to became a KHS volunteerVolunteer pic2
  1. Fill out a volunteer application and staple together proof of your health insurance and tetanus vaccination. 
  2. Attend an orientation.
  3. Arrange an interview with the volunteer coordinator.
  4. Attend the interview. If we have a position available in the volunteer program that fits your request you will be notified and will receive a training date.
  5. Attend your training.

NOTE: There is $5 material fee to volunteer at the Kokomo Humane Society. Please bring the amount with you on the day of your orientation. The fee covers the cost of the volunteer software and the handbook. 
Age Requirements
- The minimum age for volunteers is 16 years old.
- You may volunteer starting at age 10 to 15 with a parent or guardian who is at least 21 years old. All family participants must have health insurance and supply the insurance card and/or enrollment numbers to the Volunteer Manager.
NOTE: Our Family Volunteer program is designed specifically for families who want the experience of volunteering together. Please choose this option only if you are sincere about working together. 

 Time of commitment 
     - Be able to contribute at least four hours per month under a flexible schedule.
     - Be willing to commit at least 6 months of service to the Kokomo Humane Society.
NOTE: Please consider your schedule and time availability before you commit to our program. We need your dedication in order to make it a good experience for you and all the animals. If you miss two months, you will be considered inactive and it may be necessary to go through orientation, interview and training again. 

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Dog Walker
  • Cat Socializer
  • Animal Care
  • PETCO Habitat Caretaker
  • Special Event Volunteer
  • " Open Arms" Foster Parent
  • Environment Sanitizer
  • Greeter/Matchmaker
  • Adoption Follow-up


"At A Distance" Volunteering

If you are interested in helping the shelter, but would rather do so from a distance, there are a variety of ways you can help. Holding donation drives at your place of work, church, or school is a wonderful way people can help the animals. Another suggestion might be to design and sew soft cushy comforters for the cat and kitten cages or put together goodie bags to give to new adopters. Goodie bags might include treats, safe pet toys, grooming supplies, leashes, pet care books, etc. Pet store employees can also make suggestions for the goodie bag. Volunteering from a distance allows you to be creative and imaginative and is a fun way to help out.


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