Improving the lives of animals.
Preventing cruelty through education.
Uniting pets with families.

Welcome, The Kokomo Humane Society provides our community with services and programs such as pet adoptions, humane education and volunteer opportunities. We also engage in animal cruelty investigation, 24 hour emergency service, and enforcement of local ordinances. 

No maximum stay time

We want to give adoptable animals every opportunity to find a good home. Therefore, we do not have a maximum holding time. We keep pets available for adoption as long as they stay healthy and we have space.

$250,000 PETCO Foundation GrantPETCO GRANT
We are beyond excited this week! The PETCO Foundation has awarded the Kokomo Humane Society with a $250,000 capital campaign grant. We are extremely thankful to the Petco Foundation! The future looks bright for the animals of Howard County.  Thank you PETCO Foundation!

wish list website

 Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Getting some new towels and blankets to spruce up your home?  Maybe now is a good time to declutter and bring us your old ones! To find out what else we need click on the following links KHS Wish List and/or AMAZON WISH LIST


While we appreciate everyone thinking of us and bringing newspapers, we are about buried and do not use as much as we have in the past. We are finding that we too are having to recycle most of what we receive. So for the meantime please recycle your papers until further notice. Thank you!

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Naomi Baris Sahara Noodles Sissy
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Adoptable Cats

Fonzie Callie Sylvester Greyson Matata
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