Improving the lives of animals.
Preventing cruelty through education.
Uniting pets with families.

Welcome, The Kokomo Humane Society provides our community with services and programs such as pet adoptions, humane education and volunteer opportunities. We also engage in animal cruelty investigation, 24 hour emergency service, and enforcement of local ordinances. 

No maximum stay time

We want to give adoptable animals every opportunity to find a good home. Therefore, we do not have a maximum holding time. We keep pets available for adoption as long as they stay healthy and we have space.

The Kokomo Humane Society is raising funds for the Spay and Neuter Program by selling $5 Community Days booklets for an event November 9-12 at Kokomo Carson’s store. We love this fundraiser because 100% of the money we raise will go straight to our program. We have a goal to raise at least $1000. Hopefully, with your support, we can reach our goal! Click on the following image link below to order your booklet online or stop by the shelter to buy yours!

Adoptable Dogs

Ana Desmond Meko Rupert Moose
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Adoptable Cats

Gabriel Abigail Porkchop Agnes Kristoff
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