Improving the lives of animals.
Preventing cruelty through education.
Uniting pets with families.


Foster families are beneficial to the shFoster1elter, providing temporary homes for animals with minor health needs, animals in need of simple training or mothers with litters too young to adopt. Our foster families provide extra care to animals that cannot necessarily be provided at the shelter. Foster animals often find homes quickly because of the extra care and training they have had through fostering. Consider having one of our furry friends as a guest in your home/pet bed and breakfast. KHS can provide food and supplies to our foster families (If available). You must be the owner/renter of a home and fill out a Foster Care Volunteer Application.

To Download the Applications click on the link below 

  1. Foster Application
  2. Foster Vet Certificate

NEW! The Dogs Day Out Program

dog day out

 We are looking for volunteers to help give our dogs a break from the kennel
  Our Dogs Day Out Program Can:
- Provide our canines a daytime break from the shelter life
- Enable our supporters to enjoy a dog without a full-time commitment
- Provide us with valuable information to best match our dogs with their future homes
  For more information please contact us at 765-452-6224 Ext. 4 or read the information below.

     Dog Day Out Volunteer Instructions
     Dog Day Out Waiver 

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