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Preventing cruelty through education.
Uniting pets with families.

Welcome to the Cat Café!


Monday - Saturday 9-5 pm
Sunday Closed
PS: Coffee will be served from 9-4pm

Contact Us
Kokomo Cat Café
729 E. Hoffer St.
Kokomo, IN 46902
Phone #: 765-416-5229

How it Works
Walk-ins are welcome!
>Cat Colony
1. Check-in in the Café area before entering the cat colony. Read the rules and sign the waiver.
2. Relax and enjoy the kitties! We generally have 8 to 10 cats in our cat colony. We can accommodate 6 to 10 people in the cat colony at a time (plus 1 volunteer).

Cost: $5.00 per person  for an hour visit

Cat Cafe Rules

- No outside kitties allowed

- Please sanitize your hands before entering and after leaving the KHS cat colony

- Do not pick up the cats

- Do not chase the cats

- Do not feed human food to the cats

- Do not climb on the furniture

- Keep your volume level low


Kiddos Policy

- There must be one adult older than 18 for every 2 children under 12

- No Children under 5 years of age

- Children must be supervised at all times


Cats are Cats…Please be respectful if they don’t look like they want to visit they probably don’t.

What We Offer

Cat Yoga, Wine & Beer Tasting, Knitting Club, Beginner Knitting Classes, Crochet Classes, Book Club. Check out our Cat Café Facebook Page for additional information.

Volunteer Opportunities
We ask for volunteer applicants to be able to commit to a least one volunteer slot of four hours once a month. Also, you must be 16 years old or older to volunteer at the cat cafe. If you are interested in being a part of this new opportunity please fill out an online application HERE. For additional information please contact our Director of Operations Kadra at

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