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Career- We are Hiring!

Position: Animal Care Kennel Attendant we are hiring 2

 We are looking for someone who is reliable, hardworking and, of course, love animals! This position is a vital part of our organization and some of your responsibilities will include:

 - Provide care to all animals (domestic (MUST like DOGS & CATS) , exotic, and wildlife)
 - Clean animal cages and kennels in accordance with established procedures; monitors the cleanliness of cages and kennels throughout the day, sweep and mop the public hallways and corridors of the Shelter as necessary.
 - Feed, water, groom and exercise animals according to prescribed schedules and regimens.
 - The Animal Care Attendants also do laundry

 Working Conditions:
 Work is performed in an animal shelter that operates seven days a week, with exposure to conditions such as dust, wetness, odors, high noise level, etc. Work require physical exertion such as, but not limited to, standing, bending often to interact with animals, lifting animals of all shapes and sizes, with an average weight of 50 pounds, lifting bags of litter and food, etc.
There is also exposure to friendly, loving animals in need of your affection!

 To download a job application click on the following link:  Kennel Attendant Application

Animal Control Officer    

Animal Control Officers conduct operations involved collecting stay and found animals in the field and processing them into the shelter data base and computer records. They are responsible for proper care of animals upon pick up and during processing into the Humane Society system. Animal Control Officers are required to help in the maintenance of sanitary conditions in the kennel areas. Record keeping and reporting animal cases and bite reports are essential and it is mandatory and it is mandatory that they are completed in a comprehensive and timely fashion. Animal Control works intensively with the public and they must be polite and professional at all times. They will be called on to preforms euthanasia and will have to go through professional training to obtain euthanasia certification.      

Specific Requirements:
•Must treat animals humanely, with love and concern both on and off the job, and transmit these values to others.
•Must adhere to all local laws regarding personally owned animals such as licensing, shelter, medical care, etc.
•Must be able to provide accurate information to the public at all times.
•Must make a good appearance and have the ability to deal tactfully and effectively with the public.
•Must be willing to participate in meetings with other shelter personnel and share ideas and suggestions designed to improve working conditions and the organization's ability to meet its objectives.
•Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.
•Must be willing to work in indoor or outdoor conditions.
•Must develop general knowledge of all operations of animal control including all systems and procedures.
•Must be willing to work on call hours every other week

Typical Duties:
•Provide accurate information and courteous service to the public.
•Pick up stray animals either from public areas in the community or from private homes or businesses.
•Regularly conduct and participate in meetings with shelter staff and share ideas and suggestions designed to improve the organization.
•Consistently strive to keep abreast of animal welfare issues and implement new techniques, procedures and equipment.
•Monitor the shelter for signs of disease and other problems.
•Participate in euthanasia providing professional certification has been earned.
•Maintain accurate Animal Control records and reports.
•Maintain a high level of communication with staff and other departments.
•Monitor all kennel activities In Stray, Isolation and dangerous dog areas.
•Maintain the highest possible level of customer service.
•Perform other duties as required to ensure a positive public image and to improve the function of this organization.
•Develop and maintain working relationship with full-service veterinary clinics and Police Department.
•Handle complaints and questions from the public and make the appropriate referrals.
•Drive company vehicle in performance of company business
•Perform other duties as assigned.    

•Knowledge of basic animal care.
•Ability to lift 50 pounds.
•Ability to keep accurate written records
•Ability to follow verbal and written instructions in a precise manner
•Ability to communicate articulately both verbally and in writing  

Qualifications/Educational Background:
•High School diploma or GED.
•Must be able to communicate in oral and written form and complete required paperwork accurately, legibly and in a timely manner.
•Must have computer skills and be able to learn new programs
•Possession of a valid Indiana driver’s license and driving record acceptable to Kokomo Humane Society insurance carrier.
•At least three years of prior experience with animals in a shelter environment or veterinary setting.        

•Animal care: 1 year (Required)   Education:
•High school (Required)  
Location: •Kokomo, IN (Required)  
Work authorization: •United States (Required)

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