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Animal Care & ControlACO

Animal care & control serves the city of Kokomo and the surrounding Howard County area. ACC is responsible for enforcing city and county animal ordinances, some of which include animals running at large (leash laws), rabies vaccinations, public nuisance, and animal bites. By rescuing a stray dog or cat from the streets, ACC not only protects the health and safety of the public, but they also improve the animal's chances of becoming safely reunited with it's owner.

If you have a concern about a stray animal or a possible animal cruelty please call:
Monday - Friday between 8 am and 5 pm - Call us at (765) 452-6224 ext. 1.
Monday - Friday after 5 pm & Weekends -  Call the Howard County dispatch at (765) 457-1105. 

Animal Cruelty Investigations

Animal cruelty is a serious crime. Animal cruelty laws protect the health, safety and well-being of animals. The Kokomo Humane Society's Cruelty Investigator makes follow-up calls to ensure that the owner has corrected the situation. In extreme cases of negligence and abuse, the investigator will take legal action and may work with Police and Sheriff Departments in order to prosecute criminals.
If you witness or believe an animal to be a victim of animal cruelty and/or neglect  please contact the Cruelty Investigator at 765-452-6224.  If it is after shelter hours and the animal is in extreme immediate danger, please call the Police or Sheriff's Department. To read the current City and Animal ordinances on the links below:
- City of Kokomo Animal Ordinance
- County Animal Ordinance

WildlifeWildcat Creek Wildlife Center

We are not equipped to help with wildlife, but we know a place that can. If you find orphaned or injured wildlife this is the place to call. This is their new phone number: 765-491-2351 to visit their website click HERE

Stray Animal Policy      

Think your pet may be at our shelter? Call (765) 452-6224 immediately. Strays are typically held for 5 days before being placed up for adoption, transferred to another shelter or sent to a rescue. After the five working days, unclaimed animals are then evaluated by the shelter staff to determine if they are suitable for adoption based on general health, temperament, and sociability.

Reclaim Fees- All reclaim fees pertaining to their animal must be paid by the owner before their pet is released in their custody. (Reclaim fees may include pick up fee, impound fee, boarding fee, vaccination or microchip charges).

To claim your pet, please bring:
 - A picture of you and your pet, veterinary records, or other proof that the animal we are sheltering is your pet.
 - Proof of a rabies vaccination.

See Strays Below:

Have you Lost or Found a Pet?Lost pet website

1. Complete our lost/found report below.

2. Check for matches at our KHS stray section above, facebook (Kokomo Scanner) and PetcoLove App.

3. Have questions or spot a match? Call us at 765-452-6224.

NOTE: Please remember that the Kokomo Humane Society will not contact you if the animal does not have permanent identification. To ensure your pet gets back to you faster please make sure that your pet wears an ID tag or it has a microchip. For additional information call 765.452.6224.


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